UWCは、UWCのミッションを広めるための活動 (UWCx)を世界各地で行っております。
その活動の一つに水難救助体制が整っていない地域に救助艇やトレーニングをうけたボランティアの派遣等を行う「Atlantic Pacific International Rescue Boat Project」があり、その活動に関連するネットワーキングイベントが10月24日に東京都内で開催されます。
UWCの活動にご興味のある方は、UWC生 or 卒業生でなくても参加可能ですので、ご自身でご登録の上、ご参加下さい。

Atlantic Pacific Japan Networking Event 
Date  : 24 October 2018
Time  : 19:00 – 21:30 
Place : Central Tokyo (TBC)
Refund Policy : No Refunds 
Application :  Please click the following URL to register  
Atlantic Pacific Search & Rescue School:
Atlantic Pacific are looking for all types of volunteers to join our third Search & Rescue School in Japan this year. If you think you can help Atlantic Pacific and its mission, please apply. The application is very simple and should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.
AP has the ambition to grow the current service that operates around Nebama Bay along the Iwate Coastline and then eventually around the whole of Japan. We are looking for volunteers to train with us in search and rescue skills with the potential to then volunteer at one of our lifeboat stations in Japan. Volunteering is not compulsory.
 1.        Search & Rescue Training 
             Friday 19th October – Monday 22nd October (4 days) (9am – 5pm)
             Price: £200 (30,000JPY)
2.        Search & Rescue Training
            Friday 26th October – Monday 29th October (4 days) (9am – 5pm)
            Price: £200 (30,000JPY)
More information and apply here.